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AllinFlex proudly sponsored the Farrier Competition held in Christchurch at Grant & Dale Nyhan place. A variety of classes were held, from apprentice to the masters of the trade.

No feet, no horse is the saying and as we all know how true this is. All members of the NZ Farrier association are qualified farriers or training to become qualified. When choosing a farrier of this association you know they received training and keeping up with the news in the trade. A good portion of them competes regularly in NZ and abroad, to enhance skills and knowledge. 

Looking after the equine joint by good shoeing is their job, but also a lot of strain on their own body. This is were AllinFlex Hominis may assist. So when asked to sponsor this event we didn't hesitate, as if we look after them..... they look after our equine friends.

For more info on this association and farriers in your area please check out their website.

Winners are:

Bryant Farrier Junior Apprentice1 George Black, 2 Dan Urquart

Bryant Farrier Supply Senior Apprentice
1 Jordan Bowring, 2 Aaron Irish, 3 George Black

Bryant Farrier Supply Intermediate
1 Lee, 2 Arron Irish, 3 George Black
Open Forging
1 Pat shimanski, 2 Jordan Bowring, 3 Jim Bryant
Eagle Eye
Intermediate George Black, Senior Gareth Griffiths
Speed Forging
1 Gareth Griffiths, 2 Pat Shimanski, 3 Jordan Aplin
Man Draft Shoeing
1 Rodney King, George Black, Aaron Irish
2 John Hawthorne, Jordan Aplin, Reese
3 Jock Good, Graeme Jones, Jordan Aplin
Judges Choice
Senior 1 Jordan, 2 Jim, 3 Gareth
Apprentice 1 Lee, 2 Jordan, 3 Aaron
Man Team
1 John & Jordan, 2 Garreth & lee, 3 Jim & Pat
1 John, 2 Jordan, 3 Pat

Some pic of the competion

 NZ Farrier Association Jim Bryant from Kumue waiting for his steel to heat up in the Senior Eagle Eye class.



Jordan Aplin from Dannevirke, John Hawethorne from Gisborne, James Collins (Judge) from Rotorua, Pat Schimanski from Wanganui, 213 in the Blacksmithing

Winners of the AllinFlex NZ Farrier Association competition Christchurch 2016



Jock Good & Jordan Bowring from Taranaki getting their steel hot for the 2 man event

Draft horse shoeing presentation at Christchurch Farrier competition



More news on the NZFA NZ Farrier Association Facebook page  


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