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AllinFlex announce sponsoring Amateur Top Ten League for the over 21’s

AllinFlex is proud to announce their continuation of support for Dressage NZ . Previously AllinFlex sponsored the Masters League but for the next two years will support the Amateur Top Ten League for the over 21’s.

This is an important series for riders who perhaps do not have the opportunity to travel so much, as this series gives them the chance to compete against their peers from all over NZL. The Pot Black Trophy is at stake for the League Champion along with sponsor presentation rugs and sashes for section winners, and sashes for placegetters and special awards AND AllinFlex vouchers for 1st – 3rd placegetters in each of the four national sections. A fabulous triple rosette will be awarded to each of 20 the Area Winners.

This competition is designed to promote dressage competition to riders who have NOT yet gained grading points above Level 5. These riders are vitally important to Dressage NZ's ability to develop the sport at all levels and it provides an opportunity for riders to compete against their peers of similar experience without long distance travel.
The competition is open to riders 21yrs and over as at 1st of April 2016 and is run in four National divisions plus special awards, and twenty area winners.

Section 1 (area & national)
Level 1 horses & riders CN-C2 at April 2016
Section 2 (area & national)
Level 2 horses & riders CN-C3 at April 2016
Section 3 (area & national)
Level 3 horses & riders CN-C4 at April 2016
Section 4 (area & national)
Level 4 horses & riders CN-C5 at April 2016


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