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AllinFlex Judges & Volunteer Accolades Dressage NZ 2016 announced

With great pleasure we announce the AllinFlex Judges & Volunteer Accolades Dressage NZ of the year. It is our pleasure to honor the people who every year voluntarily, give up a lot of their time to make it possible for everyone to compete.

Each nominated district judge / volunteer is presented with a silver colored badge and 1 bottle of AllinFlex Hominis. The National winners are receiving a golden colored badge and 1 pot of Allinflex Muscle, Joint & Tendon cream.

There are so many helping this sport and unfortunately we cannot acknowledge them all here. It is only a very small gesture for an huge amount of effort from all of them. AllinFlex Team Betty Brown & Saskia Ostermeier thanks them all and wished we could do more as without you guys, there wouldn't be any dressage competition in NZ. Betty Brown will represent AllinFlex at the annual dressage awards dinner on the 25th of June. At the Awards dinner the National winners will be announced. Congratulations to all! See more at Dressage New Zealand

AllinFlex Judge 2016 Volunteer 2016
Dressage Northland Janet Fox Colin & Julie Finlayson
Dressage Waitemata Rebecca Wilson Vickie Lawson
Dressage Akld-Manukau Judy Alderdice Shirley Watts
Dressage Waikato Marcia Bayley Michelle Paterson
Dressage Bay of Plenty Leonie Coker Ann Smith
Dressage Nth Hawkes Bay Felicity Dobell-Brown Rae West
Dressage Sth Hawkes Bay Leonie Coker Wendy Jeffery
Dressage Central Districts Debbie Smith Jos Gresham
Dressage Taihape Julie Brougham Jenny Pearce
Dressage Taranaki Michelle King Clare Norton
Dressage Wairarapa Ian Childs Ann Webster
Dressage Wellington Jacqui Thompson Jos Gresham
Dressage Nelson Linda Warren-Davey Helen Trotman
Dressage Marlborough Tracey Johnson Sharon Inwood
Dressage Canterbury Jan Mitchell Melanie van der Pol
Dressage SCNO Stuart Bishell Anita Fitt
Dressage Otago Clare Banks Alice Lloyd-Fitt
Dressage Southland Helen Christie Rowena Smith

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