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Choosing a Boarding Kennel for your dog

By Jo Hutchby February 09, 2017

You and your family have decided to take an overseas holiday, cruise, or other type of vacation that does not welcome pets, which means the family dog has to stay behind.

It can be worrying leaving your dog behind at a kennels for the first time. You have no previous experience that the facility will measure up, and you don’t know how well your dog will adapt while you’re away. Will he pine? Will the staff look after him and treat him well? Many questions revolve around your head.

Good initial advice is to visit the establishments within your area and meet the staff that will be looking after your dog. First impressions are generally good ones – if you leave feeling uncomfortable or unsure - that isn’t the place to leave your dog.

As you look around, notice the facilities;

  • are the kennels and bedding areas clean and comfortable
  • spacious
  • do the current inhabitants look clean, healthy and happy
  • is there an exercise area that is safe and well enclosed
  • does everything look clean, neat and tidy
  • is the staff friendly, tidy and do they show evidence of appropriate training

If you answer no to any of the above, that is cause for concern, and good reason not to book your dog in.

There is a ‘Code of Practice for Boarding Kennels’ set out by ‘Asure Quality’, and it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with it so you know what you are entitled to expect from the boarding kennel you choose to leave your dog at.

The Code of Practice deals with responsibilities of the owner/manager of the facility, the monitoring, housing, feeding and care of the dogs, food preparation and healthcare. The Code also deals with how behavioural issues should be dealt with, especially the steps that are to be taken before using a no-barking collar.

Ask the owner / manager when you meet them if they run the boarding kennel to the standards within the Code of Practice for Boarding Kennels – if the answer is no, it is probably best to move on and visit the next kennel on your list.

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