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Scoot their butts!

Jan 16, 2017
Scoot their butts!

Why do dogs scoot their butts
across the floor?

 It’s a funny thing to watch when a dog scoots his butt on the ground. Is this something your dog does? Don’t worry; your dog is not weird (well maybe he is, but it’s not because of scooting).
 Dogs scoot their butts on the ground because something is bothering them back there. That “something” is usually the anal glands.
scooting dog
Located on either side of the anus, these sacs fill with oily, stinky fluid. In some dogs, the anal glands naturally empty during bowel movements. Other dogs need a little help from humans to have their anal glands expressed.
 Other reasons for scooting include skin problems and anal masses.
Or, your dog might have something stuck back there (okay, usually that’s poop) and just be trying to remove it.

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