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We all have our likes and dislikes. While the very idea of drinking from a toilet disgusts most of us, our dogs have a different perspective.

Why do dogs drink out of the toilet?Dogs think of a toilet like it is an amazing, spring - fed porcelain fountain. From a dog's point of view, toilet water is better because it's fresher, cooler and hasn't been sitting in a little bowl for hours and hours.

Every flush it's like a little miracle happened, the water changed, refreshed and renewed.

In porcelain toilet bowl the water stays cooler for a longer time and doesn't alter the taste of water like other materials can.

Greater oxygenation may also make the water 'taste better.' (Taste, of course, is a very personal matter.)

Dogs survival instincts may make them choose running water of the toilet as in nature, movement in the water breaks up the yeast, molds and contaminants that collect in stagnant pools.

Given the choice, wouldn't you rather drink from a fresh mountain stream than a brackish pond? (Of course, these days the stream might be just as bad - but we're talking about a survival strategy that predates the modern age of industrial pollutants.)

Besides the allure of the water, there's the bathroom itself.

Easy-to-clean floors made of tile or other smooth, cool surfaces make the bathroom one of the cooler rooms in the house - great for a dog nap on a warm day!

Is it safe for a dog to drink out of the toilet?Still, experts recommend that dogs don't drink from the toilet, because the bowl may contain residue of harmful cleaning chemicals and other unmentionables.

Easy solution: Keep the lid down.

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