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Riders responsibility regards FEI Clean Sport Ruling
The new FEI ruling states that riders are responsible for any prohibited substances found when swabbed. Before, we all trusted and were probably even easy with the thought 'we will be right'. After several riders and racing stables have been caught out and the consequences not been pleasant, you have to take responsibility yourself;
  • Education yourself regards the products you feed your horse. Regularly checking ingredients on the FEI database.
  • Use products with the least likely chance of contamination;
  1. Herbal product e.g may be imported from countries where the risk is high.
  2. Human grade / food grade quality products have often higher quality controls in place.
  3. Manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) regulations of NZ.
  4. Use brands with a proven clean track record.
  • Making sure you don't contaminate the products yourself. It only takes a little caffeine to be caught, (coffee spills, clean buckets thoroughly after any medicated feeds e.g bute or use special allocated buckets for that). When using arnica cream, voltaren, anti flamme,etc on yourself, be aware that you could transfer residue cream or gel onto your horse or gear.

Drug testing in NZ is done at all kinds of events from an A & P show to Racing, which could make participating more complicated but I think that most competitors prefer to support clean sport rulings. AllinFlex Equine & Hominis is trusted by Blyth Tait one of NZ Eventing sports legends.

To check out updated ruling of the FEI banned and prohibited list --->>> CLICK HERE

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