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What is a good way to clean your bridle?

By Saskia Ostermeier July 29, 2019

Rain, Mud & Sweat, your bridle has to cope with a lot! Taking care of your bridle, will make it last longer!

How to clean your bridle?

First, dismantle the bridle, note the holes everything buckles up to so it will be the same when you put it back together.  Check each piece of leather as you go for wear and tear, check the stitching and check for mould or mildew.

With some warm water and a stringy type of dishcloth, soak the cloth, then wring out really hard so its only damp. Lay each piece face down and begin cleaning the flesh side of the leather (or the back).

You can really scrub away with the cloth here to remove grease and grime and any build up of sweat. If it’s really built up you can lay a wet cloth on it to soak it, then it will wipe away more easily. Clean the front, but with less vigour.

Use a cleaning fluid on a corner of the cloth to remove any stains or grease jockeys. Use the fluid to clean where the bit sits, its usually very black and ‘sooty’ in there.  Wipe the cleaning fluid over any areas that you found mould or mildew on and leave it on.

Work through each piece, set each piece out to dry as you go. Once all clean, leave to dry before applying the Leather balm.

Load up your cloth with leather balm. To do this, the easiest way is to put some on your hands, and then wipe your hands on the cloth, do this several times until there is plenty of distributed balm on the cloth.  When you are finished, you can put it in a bag and its ready for next time.

Take each piece of leather and draw it through the cloth with the balm on several times to apply the dressing.  This way will coat both sides of the leather at once, saving time. Make sure it is covered thoroughly. You will have to get into the tight spots, around buckles and keepers, and along stich lines.

Wipe any excess away as you go. Any dry, hardened pieces (like lip straps) apply a thick layer and put aside until later, or even the next day before assembling.

Assemble your bridle again and you are good to go.

We supply a leather Cleaning Kit, which has everything in it to get your bridle clean and moisterized.


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