8 Facts about MSM

8 Facts about MSM

MSM (aka methylsulfonylmethane)

is a compound that is obtained during the rain cycle of our planet and is present in many natural unprocessed foods.


is a compound that occurs naturally in our body.

MSM is vital for collagen normalization and for improving overall skin health.

Collagen is the main structural protein of the numerous connective tissues in the
human body. In order for your body to maintain and produce more collagen,
it requires MSM.

Joint Health

Because of its collagen-producing and reinforcing properties, MSM is highly effective in improving joint tissue production. Moreover, it facilitates growth of muscle tissues & flexible skin, leading to an overall better body flexibility.

8 reasons to add MSM to your diet NZ

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is actually the excess weight on the body due to the accumulation of the metabolic waste.

Increased Recovery

Build-up of lactic acid in the muscles causes sore muscles and body pain. MSM helps get rid of waste products at the cellular level as it speeds up recovery time. This accelerated healing gives you more energy for getting back on track in less time; this is especially helpful for athletes or people with physically demanding jobs.


Because MSM makes your cells more permeable, toxins are easily cleansed from the cells requiring your body to spend less energy for recovery. This 'energy efficiency' allows more energy to be available for other activities.

Detoxification of the Body

It makes your cells more permeable, meaning that it also contributes to the opening of gateways through your cells to allow easy flow of metabolic wastes and toxins. On the other hand it also facilitates hydration and bringing in essential nutrients throughout the body.

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