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Annabel Anderson World #1, 3x World Champion SUP

"It's no secret that I did a good job of being a crash-test-dummy in my late teens and early 20s.

Multiple high speed crashes and many surgeries to repair the damage later, the rip-sh*t-and-bust of my youth has definitely come back to haunt me.

With regenerative medicine (PRP) we have had success in re-growing my ACL and starting the regeneration process of the patella and hamstring tendons which had developed tendonosis from where the ACL grafts were taken. And I've squirmed on the table as big gauge needles have been used to blow out some rather large bone spurs (urghhhhh).

It may now be stable and functional but I've still had to deal with day-to-day discomfort, crunching, grinding, creaking, inflammation and swelling.
It's just something I've accepted and dealt with - call it a daily reminder to respect the red lines and boundaries of life which I ignored in my youth!

A couple of months ago (by chance) I ordered a bottle of NZ Green lip mussel caspules AllinFlex Hominis.

I didn't expect much to happen but within a week I noticed my knee hadn't swollen as it usually does after I run. I finished the bottle and ordered another...and another. Three months down the track the daily grinding and swelling is becoming something of the past and I've noticed my whole body has started to move more freely and easily.

Best of all it's 100% natural. Have a look, you've only got a bit of pain and discomfort to lose by doing so." Annabel Anderson

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MULTIPLE WORLD CHAMPION (SUP) Stand Up Paddle Boarding USES Allinflex Hominis...

Posted by Allinflex on Friday, April 1, 2016

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