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Eucalyptus Oil, 10 best ways to utilise in your daily life.

By Saskia Ostermeier September 03, 2019

Why Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus Oil is the distilled oil from the leaves of selected Eucalyptus tree species. They belong to the from the plant family Myrtaceae, which is native to Australia, but is cultivated worldwide. There are more than 500 eucalypti species!

Initially it was used as an analgesic to relieve pain, and was respected for its ability to reduce inflammation and help relieve respiratory symptoms.

It now has a wider application of uses, encompassing anti-microbial, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, and deodorant. It’s is used in many household cleaning applications and is commonly used in laundry products.

Is also handy as a solvent for removing grease and sticky residues.

Pharmaceutical Researchers have found that due to having a broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, it makes it an attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals.  It is commonly used in products to fight foreign pathogens and forms of infections.

It’s used in preparations to relieve symptoms of colds, and flu, in cough lollies, lozenges, ointments and inhalers. Inhaled Eucalyptus vapour helps as a decongestant. It’s used in products for personal hygiene and dental care. This essential oil is an absolute goldmine in terms of versatility!

It can be used as a bug repellent, and bio-pesticide. It was first registered as an insecticide and miticide in the U.S in 1948!

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most beneficial and versatile oils to keep on hand.

10 best ways to utilise in your daily life:

Disinfectant - add 20 drops oil Eucalyptus oil to 500ml water. Use to disinfect hard surfaces in your home.

Mould preventer – add to your cleaning spray or use diluted on areas that grow mould.

Rodent repellent – Add 10mls to a 250ml bottle of water, spray areas prone to rats. Don’t spray where your cats can get to – it can be an irritant. Great in the tack shed around your saddle racks, or gaps behind your cooker, cupboards etc.

Sinus relief – put a couple of drops in a bowl with 1 cup boiling water, put your head over the bowl and make a ’tent’ with a towel, breath in.

Sooth insect bites – apply 2-3 drops to a wet cotton wool ball, apply to insect bite.

Alleviate a Headache – diffuse 5 drops of oil or apply 2-3 drops to your temples.

Relieve muscle pain – dilute 2-3 drops Eucalyptus with half teaspoon sunflower or grapeseed oil, rub into affected muscle.

Grease spot remover in laundry items – apply directly to stain 5 minutes before washing.

Laundry – add 2 capfuls to each wash. Helps clean and freshen with a lasting fragrance.

Use in linen cupboards – add 3 drops to a cotton wool ball, keeps linen smelling fresh and to repel silver fish or moths.

Leather Balm protect and clean mouldAt Allinflex, we recognise the value of Eucalyptus oil.  We use it in our leather balm, and in our leather cleaning fluid, it’s great to repel rodents! Helps cut through the grease and sweat, and protects the leather against moulds and mildew. 















Protecting and healing foot cream with anti fungal properties Our foot cream now has Eucalyptus oil in it for its anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties, plus it helps rejuvenate tired feet and legs.


 Foot cream with anti fungal properties


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