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Calm Healthy Horses provide nutritional horse supplements, which have proven to help NZ horses with grass affected issues and a healthy mineral balance.

Calm Healthy Horses Nutritional Supplements are superior formulas which work in synergy. (Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts)

A blend of premium, well balanced vitamins and minerals promoting;

extended duration of the horse his productive life
increased performance
efficient immune system
faster recuperation
ability to deal with grass effectively
healthy horses
calm happy horses & safe riding


    For Grass affected horses feeding GrazeEzy seems to the best product on the NZ market for grass-affected horses.
    GrazeEzy helps counteracting the mineral imbalances inherent in green grass. 

    Premium MVA (Minerals Vitamins & Amino Acids)

    Delivers a maintenance dose of amino acids as well as the daily dose of all the vital minerals and vitamins. With Biotin for improving hoof quality.

    Premium NZ Horse Minerals 

    This is your essential every day Vitamin Mineral package, formulated to keep your horse in optimal health inside and out.
    Premium and MVA both deliver ample chelated copper and zinc, the correct amount of 100% organic selenium, MSM, all the trace minerals including 100% organic chromium, all the anti-oxidants and ALL the B vitamins, including inositol.

    Premium & Premium MVA at the correct dose rates supply all the selenium your horse needs. Make sure you aren’t feeding any other feeds with added selenium. None of the other products contain selenium.


    Bio-available amino acids, for horses who have had a nutritional set back. Support building and repairing all tissues, not just muscles.

    XtraCal – is a high spec calcium supplement for pregnant and lactating mares, growing and elderly horses and those grazing oxalate pastures (Kikuyu grass)

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    Premium MVA




    Shape Up







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