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    • EquiBrew is a high performance probiotic feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals at all stages of development.
    • EquiBrew is safe, non-toxic and Clean Sport compliant.
    • EquiBrew features extremely high microbial viability (minimum 109 CFU/dose lactobacilli) and activity along with a suite of beneficial metabolites.
    • EquiBrew is safe for use in sugar-sensitive horses. Sugars have been converted by our microbes into more microbes and beneficial organic acids. Virtually no residual sugar is left when bottled.
    • EquiBrew is an intact fermentation product with very high numbers of beneficial microbes and the equally beneficial metabolites they produce. This combination can only be found in BioBrew ltd.
    • The process of freeze-drying damages the vast majority of the microbes being processed. Only 1/10th or even 1/100th for the microbes you start with will survive the process in a condition from which they may possibly be brought back to life.

      The process of reanimating a freeze-dried culture takes another heavy toll with again ONLY 1/10th to 1/100th of the microbes that may have been able to survive actually finishing the process in a condition where they can metabolize and reproduce.

      The above means that only a tiny fraction, 1/100th to 1/10,000th of the microbes that enter the freeze-drying process will ever wake up and get to work trying to be a probiotic. Further, this process takes time meaning that the tiny fraction of the microbes that make it through the grueling process can only benefit that lower part of the gut that they find themselves in once they get to work.

      The live, active microbes in BioBrew products get to work from the moment you administer them. There is NONE of the lag time or massive losses associated with freeze-dried products.

      The microbes in BioBrew products are selected to survive the rigors of the digestive system, including stomach acids and bile salts. They do their job the entire trip through the digestive tract.



      Horses (and ruminants for that matter) are microbial digesters. They do not digest much themselves and instead rely on the microbes to process feed for them. The microbes get fed first and the horse gets what is left over. This means that pretty much anything that is going on in a given day, good or bad, is connected to how well the gut biology is processing and sharing energy and nutrients. If the horse has a "greedy"gut biology then no matter how much feed you give it will be tough for the horse to thrive and if it has a "generous" gut biology then the horse will do quite well on a modest simple ration.

      All horses are subject to a range of stresses and we have had quite a few horse owners reporting surprisingly strong results in horses that they thought were already doing quite well. Having noted this, the type of issues commonly reported are:

      1. Hard keepers. Horses that have difficulty maintaining or improving condition despite an abundant ration (this is often the classic greedy gut biology in action).

      2. Elderly horses. The set point of one's gut biology evolves over time becoming more complex and less efficient (less generous) such that a previously thriving horse will turn into a hard keeper.

      3. Behavioral issues. Grumpy, girthy, nervous, separation anxiety, spooky, aggressive, etc. These can all be related to a fight or flight response to a pain or discomfort stimulus in the gut. Take away the stimulus and the horse returns to being the nice guy or gal that you once had.

      4. Ulcers, diagnosed or suspected. The gut is supposed to be protected by a protective microbial biofilm. If this breaks down the gut tissue is subject to irritation, inflammation, and ultimately ulceration from mechanical and acid actions. A source of beneficial microbes is needed to rebuild this layer and the lactobacilli in EquiBrew are a key component in this biofilm community.

      5. Skin/allergy disorders. These are often associated with an overstimulated and hyper-vigilant immune system. more than 2/3 of the immune system (in horses, cows and humans!) looks inward to the gut. If you reduce the stimulation of the immune system in the gut you will often see a concomitant reduction of symptoms externally.

      6. Coat appearance. Even in very well horses we have had many, many reports of improved depth of color, luster and dappling. We have also had reports of horses that held onto winter coats too long shedding these once the brew is on board.

      7. Stress responses. Many horses do not respond well to transport and showing. They go off feed/water (just like show cattle!) and the brew has been used successfully to manage these issues. Other stresses such as feed changes (including grass-affected horses in springtime,etc.) increased work, etc. can be helped along with the brew.

      8. There are a range of prophylactic benefits too. Probiotic microbes take up space in the gut environment and help exclude pathogens. Probiotic microbes also encourage shedding mechanisms in the epithelium that can rid the horse of pathogens. We have had many owners report significant reduction in their use of worming products. Those that monitor fecal egg counts have been especially impressed in this area.

      We do not want to suggest EquiBrew is a panacea but as was mentioned above, anything good or bad that is happening today is connected to the function of the gut biology and EquiBrew is an excellent microbial tool to push this gut biome in a positive direction.

      When you ask the scientists at Lincoln University that we did our R&D work with how probiotics work you will get hours and hours of of complex microbiological lectures. When you ask them how to get these benefits they all say the same thing: "That's easy! Just make up many, many of the good guys and pour them into the animal!" So our job is to make them up and the owners job is to pour them in.

      250ml or 8fl oz a day for 1-4 weeks, usually mixed into feed. Can be split into smaller doses for horses being fed several times a day. 100ml or 3fl oz per day as a maintenance dose is usually sufficient but depending on the horse and on the stresses involved, doses can vary and observing each individual is the best way to make these decisions. You cannot overdose a horse…we have had enthusiastic horses knock over full bottles and slurp them up with only benefits noted.

      There is NOTHING in EquiBrew that will cause a problem for blood/urine testing in competitive horses (race, show, etc). EquiBrew can be used in all horses at all stages of development. The sugars used in manufacture are fully consumed by the microbes and the brew is safe (beneficial, actually) to use in sugar affected horses.

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