Allinflex NZ Green Lip Mussel with Turmeric Capsules changed my Life & Restored my Health!

AllinFlex products restored my healthI write this email to thank you for such an incredible range of products. The AllinFlex products that I use are truly life changing and have made a significant difference in my life.

A bit of background: I am a busy Mother of 5, I used to ride horses for fun and walk everywhere. I am also a Secondary teacher. I have had an arthritic hip since 2003 which has over the last 2 years been severely restricting my movement and ability to be as active as I would like. In addition to this, it has flow on effect of a sore back and other joints due to an imbalances walk. I also admit to being obese and this has only got worse as my exercise levels have dropped......that vicious circle.

Over the years, for my many injuries, I have used a variety of "joint and muscle" creams and with a reasonable success but nothing overwhelming. After hearing multiple reviews for both Allinflex for horses, and Hominis for us humans, I bit the bullet just before Christmas and decided to treat myself to a Christmas present and try Allinflex Hominis with Turmeric and Black Pepper as well as the joint, muscle and tendon cream.

NZ Green lip mussel capsules got me back on the horse againWell all I can say is WOW!!! I have been on long term maximum doses of anti-inflammatory tablets daily and with minimal effect. Within 3 or 4 days of starting the Hominis capsules, I was completely off all anti-inflammatories. All I now required were painkillers at night. As for the cream, this gave me an IMMEDIATE effect. I could be in quite substantial pain if I had overdone it, and rub this cream on and it gave INSTANT pain relief. So much so, that I lent it to someone who was staying with me and is awaiting knee surgery and she too decided to buy it.

I am due to travel overseas to UK and Europe for the first time in my life and the long-haul flights really worried me as I just knew that the immobility would cause several issues for me. I can now look forward to this trip and no longer worry about being in constant pain. Allinflex has restored me to almost normal activity levels and I have even been on a horse again, something I thought could well be impossible. As a result of Allinflex, the added bonus is due to activity levels increasing, I have managed to lose over 10kg and am well on the way to my journey to once again be a healthy weight. Many years ago, I set a goal of walking in a half marathon somewhere someday, and now I know that I am likely to fulfill that dream in the near future. Thanks to Allinflex.

Thank you Allinflex for providing such a genuine product that has restored my health and enjoyment of life. I can now ride a bike with my children again, walk longer distances and am looking forward to a very fun filled active holiday/tour with my son and Father. The thought of walking around ancient cities etc was very daunting for me 4 months ago, now I can look forward to it with confidence. Kirstyn Walker

 Allinflex NZGreen Lip Mussel with Turmeric Capsules changed my Life!

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