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A Natural & Pure product which supports fast recovery of aching muscles and joints.

Accidents and injuries aside, your joints, muscles and tendons are suffering of general wear & tear. Strenuous exercise will speed up this process.

Supporting your joints, muscles and tendons with the right nutritious supplements, seems a logical approach.

Lining the junction between every joint in your body is a layer of soft, cushioning cartilage. It absorbs the impact of every movement you make.

This is 'normal wear and tear', which overtime creates a low-grade inflammation. Your bodies way of cushioning your joints.

Playing Rugby, Soccer, Tennis or just lifting something heavy may have caused on top of the normal wear and tear, INJURIES.

They heal eventually, but even tho your body has an amazing memory, and is exceptionally forgiving, it but never forgets. So a little more inflammation has been developed by your body's natural defense system to protect your joints so they can heal.

Over the years, that inflammation is a warning sign for your immune system and attacks it by releasing destructive enzymes, that may break down your cartilage even further!

  • generating more inflammation
  • your body will fight this with even more power
  • into a downward curve of cartilage damage that creates stiffness & inflammation


    best joint, muscle & tendon cream allinflex nz

    Due to the very quick re-laxative action of this cream, professionals use it to be able to massage into the deeper layers of the muscles, without creating unpleasant discomfort for the customers.

    A special blend of Natural ingredients which create a very rapid relaxing effect on tight muscles, inflamed tendons & joints;

  • NZ Green Lip Mussel Oil
  • Chondroitin Sulphate 
  • Glucosamine Sulphate
  • Cinnamon, Menthol
  • Ginger Oil, etc.

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