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Who is AllHealthWarehouse?

Where it all began...

AllinFlex Joint Health is a New Zealand company which is known for it's high quality products for People, Dogs & Horses. The main brand AllinFlex is one of New Zealand's & Australia's favourite joint supplement proudly based in Geraldine, South Island. AllinFlex was established by Saskia Ostermeier in 2013, since then it's grown and gets sent worldwide. 

Customers started to ask not only for joint supplements but for a wider range. AllinFlex is and was branded as a joint supplement and consequently AllinHealth was born.

AllHealthWarehouse is the umbrella under which our own brands AllinFlex & AllinHealth fall. And other careful selected brands to offer you a more diverse online shop experience.



    AllHealthWarehouse maybe based in the little country town Geraldine, our goods are sent on a daily basis to diverse locations from New Zealand, Asia, Europe and of course Australia.



    Our History...

    Saskia Ostermeier was travelling through New Zealand from Auckland to Invercargill, visiting each place on a monthly base, to teach Dressage. As pupils were asking her which brands to use for their beloved horses, Saskia starting selling in 1999 a variety of main brands of Equine supplements. By seeing the horses on a regular base, it gave her first hand experience which ones were helping.

    The supplements came from the manufacturer through the importer and other whole sale channels finally to the middleman and the consumer. By working the mark-up back through the channels, Saskia wasn't convinced that for that price high grade quality products were used.

    She started to experiment with NZ Green Lip Mussel powder, gave heaps away to her pupils to see how the horses responded. From different suppliers she sourced their highest grade powder and finally was able to pick one, which was named AllinFlex.

    After launching AllinFlex Equine & Canine on the market, people started to ask for a human version and so was the original AllinFlex Hominis (meaning human in latin) born.

    Expanding range...

    With the range expanding we are committed to keep offering our customers the best products for the best possible price.The human supplements as well as the dog & horse ones.





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