1.5Kg Organic Turmeric for horses (5.15% Curcumin) + Black Pepper Extract Piperine

No need to guess how much pepper to grind in horse feed as this mix contains the right ratio of Black Pepper Extract. (Black Pepper extract is 10% black pepper, 100% Piperine). 

Turmeric, a yellow / orange coloured Indian herb used for centuries in India as a spice and for its bio-active ingredients with powerful health benefits. The main active compound is Curcumin.

Allinflex Turmeric is Organic with Curcumin amount of approx. 5.15% in weight.

Low Absorption

Absorption rate of Curcumin is low, therefore it is advised to add Piperine, which is a natural extract from Black Pepper and enhances the absorption by 2000%. To enhance even better absorption it is advised to feed the horses oil at the same time as Curcumin is fat soluble.

All AllinFlex products with Turmeric or Curcumin have added Piperine in right ratio.

 Feed 1 tablespoon morning & night but start slowly over a period of a fortnight and mix each table spoon of Turmeric with 2 Table spoons of Oil.

As Turmeric can have an effect on Iron metabolism in the horses body, which may develop in Aneamia. Therefore it is not advisable to feed it to horses with a chronic disease or aneamia.

Not to be taken when in foal, lactating, on medication like Omeprazole or 2 weeks before an operation.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSa

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