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Supporting Firmer Healthy Skin With Pure AllInFlex Collagen Capsules of Supreme Quality.

Collagen and SKINCARE go hand in hand. It is the most integral part of our skin's fabric, providing the skin with strength, firmness and a more vibrant looking skin.
Not only found abundantly in our skin, also in tendons, ligaments cartilage and bone.
Providing your body’s natural levels with a supplement of Collagen may contribute to a more youthful appearance by plumping fine lines. In addition, it may improve the strength and texture of hair, contribute to stronger nails and boost energy levels.
AllInFlex Collagen offers an advanced formulation that targets the skin’s inner layer, providing the optimum dose of Collagen the body requires for restoration.

The process by which the peptides are extracted retains the triple-helix structure and preserves the poly-peptides and amino acids which make AllInFlex Collagen more effective.
Around the age of our mid-twenties, the body’s ability to produce Collagen diminishes and as a result production of Collagen slows down, exposure to the environment is another cause as Collagen is broken down daily by the sun and free-radical damage.

The skin’s connective tissue, composed mostly of collagen, degenerates, leaving us with fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and droopy eyelids.  Thinner, duller, less vibrant skin is what we can expect as Collagen declines.

However, studies support a role for Collagen supplements in maintaining a youthful appearance as well as healthy joints, healthier and shinier hair, stronger nails and a better sleep pattern.

Up until recently the majority of Collagen products have been manufactured from bovine and porcine sources (beef and pig). Despite the risk being small, there is still potential for humans to contract BSE, better known as ‘mad cow disease’ from using bovine sourced collagen products. It’s also slower to be absorbed by human skin so treatments were being supplemented with injections (increasing the risk of infection, more costly).

These limitations prompted scientists to search for alternative options and there is now a growing market for the use of marine peptides (collagen) in the cosmetics industry.
Recommended dosage; 1 to 2 capsules daily aprox. 500mg each a day, with food. One bottle is for 3 months supply.

Not to be taken when suffering from gout, shellfish allergy or are pregnant.SaveSave

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