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NZ Marine Collagen Capsules 600mg / AllinFlex NZ

NZ Marine Collagen Capsules 600mg / AllinFlex NZ

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 Marine Collagen Capsules for bone elasticity and joint lubrication, stimulates cartilage growth.

Premium hydrolyzed New Zealand Marine Collagen.

Collagen is the main protein that helps make our ligaments, joints and muscles, and provides our bodies with structural support.
Hydrolyzed collagen helps to cushion and lubricate joints, and provide structural support.
Collagen is the glue what keeps the joints, tendons and ligaments together.

Marine Collagen Capsules work from within to support youthful looking skin, healthy hair and nails.

Over the age of 50 we may loose more elasticity in our bones then we may think, adding Collagen to our diet to support flexible bone and joint structure.




Recommended dosage; 1 to 2 capsules daily aprox. 600mg each a day, with food. 

Not to be taken when suffering from gout, shellfish allergy or are pregnant / breastfeeding


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