Vitamin C (asorbic acid) to boost immune system of horses




Vit C (asorbic acid) to assist the horse immune system when ran down or ill. Supporting horses prone to tying up or with arthritic joints / lack of joint mobility or allergies.

Healthy horses don't require supplementing with Vit C on a daily base, as horses produce naturally their own Vit C. Most mammals, including horses are able to convert glucose to vit C (gulonolactone oxidase), except humans who lack this enzyme. Read more on our blog regards supplementing with Vit C, click here.

Adding extra Vit C to their feed may compromise the horse natural production, as they produce this enzyme in their liver, therefore it isn't recommended to supplement any extra Vit C, other then a course of 6 to 14 days.

With older horses when their liver has problems producing the enzyme naturally, you could consider to feed daily a low dose.

Our Vit C for horses is Human Grade.

Course daily dose rate as a course; up to 200kg 5gr, 350kg 10gr, 450kg 15gr, 600kg or > 20gr. Older ponies or horses on a daily base up to 200kg 1/2gr, 350kg 3gr, 450kg 4gr, 600kg or > 5gr.

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