Joint Health Supplements for People, Dogs and Horses

Welcome to our online natural joint supplements shop. We are here to help you, to find the best effective supplement, for yourself, your dog or horse.

Our joint supplements for people, dogs and horses are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients. Your Dog and Horse will receive Human Grade supplements!

Every supplement we offer is a unique mix of natural ingredients for joint health, available as capsules or powders. Our strong commitment to quality and flexibility improves our customers' shopping experience, making us a favourite for those looking for effective, natural joint supplements.

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Supplements to Support Immunity

AllinFlex NZ, a respected shop for Natural Joint Supplements.

In the peaceful country town of Geraldine, our story began in 2013, led by our founder, Saskia Ostermeier.

Her ambition was simple yet potent: to furnish ethically sourced, effective joint nutrition.

Our journey has seen us flourish into a preferred online repository for numerous individuals in search of natural joint care products for themselves, their dogs, and their horses. We've been relentless in our quest to develop our product range, focusing on delivering uniquely formulated joint solutions to accommodate the diverse health requirements of our customers.

We've harnessed the power of key ingredients like Turmeric, Curcumin, and Collagen, supplementing the Omega-3 fatty acids and joint health benefits inherent to green-lipped mussel.

At AllinFlex, our product catalogue extends beyond NZ Green Lipped Mussel capsules. Our joint health supplements integrate essential ingredients known for their efficacy in supporting joint health.

We offer formulations containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate, Turmeric and its active constituent, Curcumin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Boswellia.

Each ingredient individually brings substantial benefits, but when combined in a joint formula, they operate synergistically, encouraging optimal joint health and mobility.

Customer Service & Supplements Reviews | AllinFlex NZ

I've been shopping at AllinFlex for a few years now and can honestly say that their customer service is top notch.

From friendly, knowledgeable staff to helpful advice on specific products, I always feel taken care of when I phone.

I always get free shipping as I buy for myself and my dog. Highly recommend AllinFlex for your and your pet joint support.

The staff was very helpful, they went above and beyond to find me what I was looking for.

Joint Health products used by Athletes | AllinFlex NZ

Annabel Anderson is a multiple world champion, World #1 Stand Up Paddler for years on end, Stand Up Paddle Athlete of the Decade.

Annabel uses Green Lipped Mussel with Collagen Capsules in conjunction with Joint Complex for a complete joint, cartilage and bone health solution as well as AllinFlex Joint , Muscle and Tendon Cream for dealing with aches, strains and bruises that are part and parcel of a everyday life.

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Matt Anderson is 3x SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarder) United World Champion, Triple Crown winner, NZ Downwind Champion.

Matt Anderson uses Green Lipped Mussel with collagen capsules as well as Joint, Muscle and Tendon Cream to assist with recovery from an intense training schedule and physical job. “It helps to keep the joints healthy enabling me to perform my best on the water”.

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Kallista Field is a NZ Olympian and has trained with her mum Sharon Field several horses and riders to the highest level of dressage.

"Originally AllinFlex Equine was recommended by our vet to maintain our horse's joint health. After more than a decade using AllinFlex, we still stand 100& behind this brand. We use it for our dogs and as well as ourselves".

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Kallista Field reviews AllinFlex Horse supplements