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Like you, we want the best joint health product for the best price.

Don't we all want to live life in a healthy way, doing the things we Love? 

When our joints are causing us to slow down, it can make Life very stressful. 

AllinFlex is passionate to bring you a range of Pure & Natural Health Supplements for you and your pets;

  • to support inflammation & pain.
  • nutrition to keep healthy joints in top shape & recover from strenuous exercise.

Treat & Prevent as

Prevention will always beat cure.

  • With mainly selling direct online we can offer you a better price.
  • Direct delivered in your mailbox and an online loyalty discount program.
  • Sourcing the best ingredients, comprehensive testing guarantees quality.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand with strict quality control.NZ manufactering
  • All capsules are in Vege Capsules.
  • Used by NZ top athletes. 
AllinFlex best customer service and delivery

    For our professional team it is NOT just a job,

    it's a passion to provide you with the best supplements for the best price.

      • Please don't hesitate to contact us for more info.
      • Help with ordering.
      • Or a supporting and understanding ear.
      Contact us via the green button in corner or 0064 3 693 8817.