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Like you we want the best product for the best price. AllinFlex NZ does exactly that, it's affordable & effective and our pets are getting human grade quality!  Our specialism is Green Lip Mussel extract in powder or capsule form.
The quality of the Green Lip Mussel and the processing is crucial to get such an high quality product like AllinFlex. After trialing Green Lip Mussel Products from a variety of 9 suppliers, all cold pressed and they all promised No Oil had been extracted. That could all be true , but 1 JUMPED OUT for quality control and RESULTS on Horses & Dogs.

After excessive trialing AllInFlex Equine & Canine came on the market made from Human Grade Mussel Powder. After that the capsules for people (Hominis) and then the Cream, which took more than 2 years to develop.
Little did we know then, that AllInFlex would become so big, it shows that GREAT Product sells itself!

In the meantime AllInFlex had obtained the contract with the supplier and AllInFlex is guaranteed their ONLY New Zealand buyer.

With the new FEI ruling the supplier of the product is not responsible, but the responsible rider / owners are, when drug tested positive. Blyth Tait, NZ Olympic and World Champion Eventer is using AllInFlex, as NZ Dressage Olympian Kallista Field along with many more International Equestrians, as AllInFlex is a trustworthy brand.

Also with this new ruling it is important to buy from a brand you can trust, 100% NZ Made and Packed & Processed under strict Export rules.

To guarantee you are purchasing authentic AllInFlex products, purchase from listed distributors or via this site.