At AllinFlex NZ, we take immense pride in being a trusted brand of natural joint supplements in New Zealand.

Established in 2013 by Saskia Ostermeier in the country town of Geraldine, her journey began with a clear vision: to provide joint nutrition that was both effective and ethically sourced.

Over the years, we have grown into a favourite online joint supplement shop for countless individuals seeking joint food for themselves, their dogs, or their horses.

At AllinFlex NZ, we have meticulously developed our own product range, offering a variety of joint formulas specially tailored to meet the diverse health needs of our customers.

Each of our products is a unique blend of natural joint health ingredients, available in the form of powders or capsules.

This commitment to quality and versatility enhances the shopping experience, making us a go-to destination for those seeking effective, natural joint supplements.

The Story of Our Journey...

Saskia Ostermeier

Saskia's journey took her from Auckland to Invercargill, offering Dressage training in every location she visited on a monthly basis. As her students frequently enquired about recommended supplement brands for their horses, Saskia began to provide a selection of popular equine supplements in 1999.

Observing the horses regularly allowed Saskia first-hand insight into the effectiveness of different brands. However, she was not entirely convinced that the supplements were truly of human-grade quality.

Determined to provide superior natural joint supplements, Saskia embarked on a quest to explore the potential of NZ Green Lipped Mussel powder.

She distributed samples among her students and observed the impact on their horses. This direct observation provided valuable feedback and helped her identify the most potent and effective supplier.

The culmination of Saskia's effort and dedication gave birth to AllinFlex, our brand name. After successfully launching AllinFlex Equine & Canine Green Lipped Mussel powder, we were met with a growing demand for human-grade joint supplements.

Responding to our customers' needs, we introduced AllinFlex Hominis (Latin for 'Human'), NZ Green Lipped Mussel capsules for human consumption, followed by an extensive selection of both traditional and innovative blends.

We combined potent ingredients, such as Turmeric, Curcumin, and Collagen, to complement the Omega-3 fatty acids and joint health benefits of the green-lipped mussel.

At AllinFlex, our product range extends far beyond the NZ Green Lipped Mussel capsules. Our joint health supplements are developed to incorporate key ingredients that are well-known for their effectiveness in supporting joint health.

Our formulations contain the likes of Glucosamine, a naturally occurring compound found in cartilage and joint fluid, which aids in lubricating the joints. We also incorporate Chondroitin Sulphate, a critical component in maintaining the structural integrity of tissues, offering tangible support to joints and aiding in resisting compression.

Moreover, our supplements include Turmeric and its active component, Curcumin, recognised for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Our incorporation of Hyaluronic Acid, a vital part of the synovial fluid surrounding joints, helps improve joint mobility and alleviate discomfort associated with wear and tear. And, not to forget, Boswellia, to maintain healthy levels of joint inflammation.

Each ingredient, on its own, offers substantial benefits. However, when combined in our carefully calibrated formulations, they work synergistically, promoting optimal joint health and mobility.

We offer these potent mixtures in convenient capsule form, making it easier than ever to integrate these beneficial compounds into your daily wellness routine.

Simultaneously, we retained our original formulation for those who prefer the proven benefits of unadulterated green-lipped mussel powder. Hence, this comprehensive portfolio offers a spectrum of choices, with and without the green-lipped mussel, catering to diverse health requirements and preferences.

Today, we continue to dispatch our products daily to diverse locations across New Zealand from our base in Geraldine.

We stand committed to our mission: to provide quality joint nutrition, ensuring healthier, happier lives for people, dogs, and horses alike.

Thank you for choosing AllinFlex NZ, your trusted partner in natural joint health.




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