horse joint products for lameness in fetlocks

Equine joint supplements to support long term bone, joint, ligaments and connective tissue health of your horse.

Green Lipped Mussel powder is used as the main ingredient in the AllinFlex Equine and Equine +, (which has added Collagen).

As well a range of common products to support joint care from the young to the older horse, like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid Gel, Turmeric and Joint Sulphurs.

Your horse’s joints, bones and tendons, ligaments (Connective tissue) are of huge importance to the best overall health and mobility of your equine friend.

We offer a number of products which aid the maintenance of healthy joints and bones, as well as connective tissue. Our products do not contain any prohibited substances for FEI or NZ Racing.

We choose to use only Human Grade export ingredients in our supplements, which ensures our supplements have the best possible pure and natural ingredients to support healthy bone, joint and connective tissue mobility.

Kallista Field uses AllinFlex horse supplements to keep her horses sound, supple and healthy

Kallista Field NZ Olympian

"My horses are sound, supple and healthy thanks to AllinFlex"

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Young Horse Supplements supporting growth of healthy bones and Joints

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If you need help with ordering online plz ph 027 264 1107