Health Benefits of Green Lip Mussel powder for dogs.

Health Benefits of Green Lip Mussel powder for dogs.

Supporting the maintenance of Healthy Joints and Bone Development in Dogs

These health benefits of the NZ Green Lip Mussel were discovered thanks to the Maori. They are the indigenous people of New Zealand and have claimed the health benefits for years. (for Humans)

It was in the 80s that research confirmed that the way the Green Lipped Mussel was processed, is critical for the stabilizing of the Lipids.

When the Mussels are heated the Lipids destabilize and consequently loose their anti-inflammation properties. The best way of processing is done by freeze drying and no heat used by opening of the Mussels. Most Green Lip Mussel products on the market (esp used for pets) are steam opened which is a much cheaper process.

NZ Green Lipped Mussel capsules (Perna canaliculus) are also called Greenshell Mussel. The oil from these miracle mussels acts as an aid  to maintain healthy inflammation levels that is totally natural and very powerful and very rich in Omega 3s, makes it an extremely powerful health supplement.

Oil or Powder for best health benefits?

With the extract powder, if processed correctly and no oil extracted, we think it out-ways the benefits of the oil capsules;

1. Less processing

2. Powder Extract  has all the benefiting ingredients, including oil in it.

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