Joint Supplement AllinFlex NZ

Natural Nutritional NZ Marine Joint Supplement supporting Healthy Joints in People, Dogs & Horses AllInFlex NZ is sold Worldwide. With over 24000 Likes on Facebook it shows how popular AllInFlex has become.

100% Pure & NZ Made. All AllInFlex Joint Products are Human & Export Grade. Yes, your Dog & Horse is getting Human Grade! Packed in Approved Lab to ensure of No contamination.

No Fillers or Additives, and most of all NO OIL EXTRACTION. 4People we sell besides Green Lip Mussel also Turmeric, Curcumin, Collagen, Oyster, Joint Cream & Gurney Goo.

AllInFlex NZ is a nutritional joint supplement processed by using a unique technology which allows the use of only pure fresh Green Lipped Mussel meat to be extracted from the whole mussel (no shell). No heat is used during any process of the mussel powder production to eliminate any loss of vital ingredients.

Green Lipped Mussel powder/ extract contains a rich, complex blend of natural proteins, minerals & mucopolysaccharides (an obscure type of carbohydrate). The following naturally occurring bioactive substances found in Green Lipped Mussel powder are increasingly being recognised as having the ability to support nutrition of:
1. Healthy Joint Mobility
2. Cartilage Maintenance & Repair
3. Cardiovascular health
4. General health & Well-Being

Green Lipped Mussel powder/ extractcontains; Vitamins,  Minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, Complex proteins, Enzymes (ie betaine), Polypeptides,  Glycosaminoglycans,  Chondroitin sulphates, Glycoproteins &  Polysaccharides

Green Lipped Mussel powder/ extract provides a rich source of all major classes of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS)• complex proteins
• polypeptides
• vitamins
• minerals
• omega 3 fatty acids
• enzymes (ie betaine)
• glycosaminoglycans
• chondroitin sulphates
• glycoproteins and polysaccharides

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