Saskia Ostermeier: A Lifetime of Expertise in Animal Training, Equine Anatomy, and Joint Health

Saskia Ostermeier is a distinguished animal trainer, dressage instructor, and joint supplement specialist.

She has devoted her life to nurturing the physical prowess of animals, with over four decades of accumulated experience that spans multiple countries and disciplines.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Saskia embarked on her professional journey at the tender age of 16, training German Shepherds for competition. Demonstrating an innate understanding of animal behaviour and an unrivalled talent for training, she expanded her expertise to the equestrian world. She established a successful business centred on training horses for jumping and dressage competitions, a testament to her dedication and skill.

Saskia's experience extends beyond training. She has also bred several horses and dogs on her home farm, solidifying her hands-on knowledge of animal care and development.

After dedicating 12 years to coaching individuals in both jumping and dressage, Saskia decided to specialise in dressage instruction. She is a certified Dutch Instructor, a title that necessitates an in-depth understanding of equine anatomy. This certification underscores her competence and extensive knowledge of the discipline.

In 1994, Saskia took her expertise to a new stage. She immigrated to New Zealand, where she swiftly gained a reputation as an exceptional dressage instructor. Her influence is country-wide, as she travels across New Zealand each month to deliver sought-after dressage courses.

Saskia's career took an entrepreneurial turn in 2007 when she began selling a variety of joint supplements for dogs and horses. Her in-depth understanding of animal health, coupled with her business acumen, led her to establish her own brand in 2013. Today, Saskia offers her signature joint supplements to a broad range of customers, serving people, dogs, and horses alike.

Saskia Ostermeier's lifelong dedication to animal health and training, her specialist knowledge of equine anatomy, and her professional experience with joint health supplements make her a trusted source of information and expertise. With a history steeped in dealing with complex issues of joint health, Saskia is a guiding figure in this field and continues to contribute her expertise to benefit animals and their owners.

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