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Complete Joint Supplement for your Dog | Canine Joint Complex

Complete Joint Supplement for your Dog | Canine Joint Complex

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This complete dog joint supplement is packed with six essential joint mobility support nutrients.

Designed to support healthy mobility for dog's joint maintenance, promoting joint lubrication, tendons and ligaments, and overall canine joint cartilage health.

Senior dogs mobility support for when their joints has aged due to normal wear and tear.

Senior dogs or dogs of any age may experience injury, their joint health is supported with this unique formula to support optimum normal recovery.

This dog supplement includes Glucosamine to promote the rebuilding of cartilage and maintenance of healthy bones and joints. Depolymerised Chondroitin, a major structural component of cartilage and bone, works alongside glucosamine to promote joint health.

Type II Marine Collagen helps to support healthy connective tissue and bone elasticity. Our high molecular weight, bioavailable HA (Hyaluronic acid) aids in nutrient delivery to the joint fluid, while Boswellia helps healthy maintenance of inflammation levels.

Finally, vitamin C rounds of our supplement which plays a crucial role in Collagen synthesis, which is the primary protein found in bone and joint connective tissue, like tendons and ligaments. As a co-factor, it is essential for the production of this structural protein in the dog's body.

Dog joint supplement formulated with 6 of the most important joint support nutrition to support joint lubrication, nourish ligaments and maintenance of the dog's healthy bone and joints to maintain long lasting strength and mobility.

Collapsible content

Ingredients + Directions + Precautions

Each vegan capsule contains approx. 800mg;

512mg Glucosamine, 133mg Chondroitin, 40mg Marine Collagen Type II, 8mg Hyaluronic Acid, 40mg Boswelia and 67mg Vit C.

Give 1 capsule daily with food.

Warning; Not to be taken if dog is on anti-coagulant or blood thinning medication without medical advice.

Not to be taken when dog is allergic to Fish, Shellfish or Boswelia or is lactating or in pup.

Contains NO added gluten, egg, dairy, soy, artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or wheat.

If you need help with ordering online ph 027 264 1107

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews


I bought this for my active spoodle. While he looks like he should be in someone's handbag at a cafe in Auckland Central, he has taken to farm life like a duck to water. He is super active (when awake) and lives for zoomies in the late afternoon. He's a superlative hunter, bringing possums and rabbits in regularly to devour on our lounge carpet. He had a few yelps when racing around, or jumping into the ute, which have all disappeared once on this magical product. He is bright eyed, bushy tailed and loving life. I'm rapt that he is happy again. Thank you

Bolt's Playful Return

Impressed by the mention of Boswellia's role in maintaining healthy inflammation levels, I picked this for our German Shepherd, Bolt. It's heartwarming to see Bolt's playful jumps and dashes return as he chases his favorite ball with ease.

Adventures Return

The detailed formula, especially the HA (Hyaluronic acid), seemed perfect for our Spaniel, Lulu. Her love for park adventures has returned as she confidently explores every corner and mingles with fellow dogs.

Daisy’s Renewed Energy

Observing the effects of wear and tear on our old Poodle, Daisy, this supplement's emphasis on joint lubrication felt right. Daisy now dances around joyfully, with no more hesitations during playtime.

Holistic Approach for Bella

The inclusion of Glucosamine and Type II Marine Collagen seemed perfect for Bella, our aging Boxer. Bella's movements are now smoother, and she’s back to playful interactions with neighborhood dogs.

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